How to Disable Background Running Apps in Android

Android is the popular operating system for Smartphone’s, and nowadays all most all are having the Android Smartphone’s. Initially when we buy a new, these phones work at faster rate as the time passes the speed of your phones gradually decreases. The main reason for this is the application you installed.

Disable Background Running Apps in Android


The Google Play Store contains the abundant number of applications which are available for free and for purchase. If you are a serious lover of apps and games you won’t mind installing it to your Android phone, because without apps the Android phone is boring.

And there are many apps which may run in background without your permission which keeps the processor busy. These apps lead to slowdown your phone as it automatically starts running in background in our phone and it also reduces phone memory by collecting various types of data in background. This may also lead to reduce your Android phone battery life and may continuously access with your data plan.

Hence to overcome this problem one can use Task Manager and terminate the applications running in background and you can also permanently disable the app to never run in background again. Try to avoid using of other third party tools to because these have some disadvantages that may damage your phone. Hence use the trusted Task Manager or the default one provided by Android.

So to disable the apps that are running in background without your permission, just follow the few simple instructions below.

Disable Background Running Apps in Android

First go to Settings in your Android phone. ICS has the quick shortcut for settings.

There find Application manager by scrolling down and select it.

You may find three options, Go to All Applications tab by swiping from right to left.

Now you will see all the apps running in your phone with Android default apps, tap on the app which you want to disable a window will open showing two options Force stop and Disable, tap on Disable. Force stop will temporarily stops the application running in background.

Confirmation pop up displays asking are you sure to terminate the app will appear, just tap OK.

That’s it now you have disabled the app running in the background. One thing I really need to mention is that, disabled app will be not found in App Drawer you need to enable if you want to see it again. To enable, just go to that app and click on enable.

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