Top 5 iPhone Game Controller

Nowadays with the emerging technology of smartphones each and everyone loves to be with their smartphone almost all the time. In that way gaming is one the criteria which attract most of the users.

Just in few years the gaming in mobile has evolved rapidly all over the world. Starting from simple Doodle jump to complicated racing, RPG, and shooting games etc are available in the market. Likewise gaming on iPhone is awesome.

If you have an iPhone and love gaming on that means, then seriously you consider buying an iPhone game controller. The game controller is very useful while playing games, but the main question arises in your mind is that, which one to buy?

Here we have suggested 5 better gaming controller for your iPhone.

Top 5 iPhone Game Controller

1. Caliber Advantage Game Controller for iPhone

The Caliber Advantage game controller is designed to give the better gaming experience. Here you can use the physical controls to play game and also its acts as a case to protect your iPhone.

The whole case is made up of plastic, however it looks little bulky on your iPhone but it is comfortable to hold. The buttons were sharp and responsive is little uncompromising.

The downside of this game controller is that, It is only compatible iPhone 5 and 4th generation iPod and it is priced around $70.

Caliber Advantage Game Controller for iPhone

2. Ion iCade Controller for iPhone

iCade controller give the feel like handheld gaming device because of its size and it is really comfortable for hours of game play. In the design of d-pad it consist eight action buttons and a two axis directional pad.  It also supports for landscape and portrait views of games.

The major drawback of this game controller is the compatibility with games, since temple run is the only popular game on the list of supported games.

Ion iCade Controller for iPhone

3. Fling Mini for iPhone

Fling mini is one of the best game controllers for those who are in budget, it is a pair of joysticks for any game which has the joystick on the screen.

It is almost compatible with all the games, It is priced around $15 and it is supported on iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices.

Fling Mini for iPhone

4. WynCASE for iPhone

The design and concept WynCASE is very simple to enhance your gaming experience. Rather than using Bluetooth to send signals, it transmits touch signals to the iPhone, which means no extra battery drain.

When you are finished with game you can reverse the case, flip it around leaving the controls on the iPhones backside.

WynCASE for iPhone

5. Flipside for iPhone

Flipside game controller is designed for serious gamers and also it acts as the protective case for the iPhone. The Flipside is designed works with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), means it is highly power efficient.

The one of the good news about this Flipside game controller is that, it can be charged with solar power. Also it will charge in indirect sunlight and indoor lighting. You can reverse the Flipside when it is not in use.

Flipside for iPhone

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